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Was it more than just sex? Part 2.
“My goddess, Jasmine, posing for me.”

With the sun now up, I still did not want to leave the bed. The night before had been filled with such unbelievable sex and love making, it was like a dream. I guess I’m a romantic, or maybe I just was at that moment, but I could have stayed there forever laying next to Jasmine. So beautiful and so incredible sexy, it’s a little hard to explain her effect on me. It’s even a little bit hard for me to try and understand.

”Morning” she said with a soft, easy smile as she woke up next to me. Even waking up she looked incredible. I watched as she stood, still totally naked and walked into the shower room. Her perfect little ass moving side to side, the lines down the small of her back, just perfect, so sexy. I heard her turn the water on, then stood in kaçak iddaa the door way, her big soft cock hanging between her legs, her firm, full, round tits, just looking amazing, and asked if I wanted to join her.

The warm water washing over us, we soaped each other up. Laughing and playful, it was difficult not to think we were just a couple of lovers on vacation. Maybe it was just my wishful thinking, but this seemed like more.

I looked at her and she she looked at me, then we both leaned forward and kissed. Like lovers kiss. Passionate and open mouthed, holding her close, my hard cock pressed against hers and in the slippery, soapy water, moved rhythmically against each other. Her big, firm breasts pressed against my chest, we continued to kiss.

I ran my hand down her tight belly and held her big, hard cock with perabet one and while the other held her perfect, little ass. We kissed as I stroked her.

I heard her soft moans in my ear as she kissed my neck. She whispered, “Suck me, baby.” I moved to my knees.

The warm water making the shower steamy and hot, the water running down her breasts and over her hard cock, I grabbed her hips and pulled her to me. Almost eye level with her throbbing cock, I stared at the beauty of her. I ran my tongue along her engorged, cock’s head and heard her moan softly. Oh how I loved to her her moan, it was the biggest turn on ever! I pressed my face against her shaft, pinning it to her belly with my hand, as I tongued and licked her tight ball sack. Then, while holding her in my hand, I moved my mouth onto her. Feeling every perabet güvenilir mi inch, every ridge and vein on my lips, I sucked and licked her cock.

I was surprised when she braced herself against the shower walls, I was surprised I was bringing her to orgasm. I was surprised that she was actually enjoying this as much as me. “Mmmm, yes, baby” she said softly. Sucking and stroking her at the same time, I felt her body begin to shake. I was overcome with a desire to please her and to taste her. I sucked her harder and faster and held her ass tight in my hand. She came, moaning out loud, and I felt her warm, thick fluid flood into and fill my mouth, then spill out and down my chest. I continued to suck her, only softly now, wanting to please her, and began to experience her flavor as her cum coated my tongue and ran down my throat.

Jasmine sat down, legs shaking, onto the seat inside the shower. “Baby, I can’t believe you made me come like that!” She pulled me to her and leaned forward. Her mouth met mine and we kissed again.

Part 3 to come soon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32