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Watching Together
It was man years ago, and I was staying at a friends house over night. We’d had a little beer, had some laughs. He had a younger sister (not THAT much younger than us) who was pretty fit. Lovely figure, big boobs and short blonde bob. We flirted outrageously with one another, but never got any further than that.

As the beers started to take effect, and run out, we sat in the living room watching the telly. Kaye was sat near me in her vest top and short skirt. Her lacey bra was visible, and from where I sat, in the chair above her, I had a nice view of her cleavage. She shuffled back, her bottom landing on my naked foot. She wriggled to get comfortable, and I felt the crotch of her panties rub against my foot. I smiled to myself and pushed my foot up to make firm contact with her cotton covered pussy.

She didn’t object, or move, except to wriggle a little more. I rubbed my foot against her crotch as we all sat watching telly. I could feel the dampness spreading across her knickers, and could see her breasts heaving hard in the little vest top and white, lacey bra.

I felt he legs tense a little on either side of my foot, and the wetness increased; a lot.

The film finished and we all drifted to our resting spots. Mine was on the sofa in the living room. I stripped to my boxers, threw a light sheet over myself and settled down.

I was awakened in the night by some odd groaning and kaçak iddaa huffing sounds. I lay listening for a bit, then decided to investigate.

Quietly I moved toward the sound, and saw Kaye in her vest top a knickers, peeping through the slit of an open door. I moved slowly up behind her, my body almost but not quite touching hers, and looked to.

Her parents, both in their fifties, were naked on the bed. The mum, lithe figure, small breasts with very erect nipples, was lying legs spread and facing the door. The dad’s fat cock was firmly planted in her mouth, and I could see her cheeks sucking in as she slid her mouth and hand up and down his shaft.

My cock began to stir, and I moved a little closer to Kaye. My hard cock popped out through the slit in the front of my boxers and the head touched the soft fabric of her cotton knickers. She looked over her shoulder, pushing her body back into me and wriggling her bum across my rigid member.

I placed a hand on her hip, running it back and forth across her hot skin. Reaching under her vest, higher and higher. until my hand brushed the side of her ample tits. She sighed, and pushed back harder into my body. My hand closed over her bulging tit, squeezing the soft flesh, my palm rubbing over the large, erect nipple.

In the room, her mum was shifting position, sitting over her dad and holding his cock to guide it into her dripping cunt. She rode him perabet güvenilir mi reverse cowgirl so Kaye and I had a good view of her hot body impaled upon that fat dick.

Kaye’s hand reached around behind, grasping the shaft of my cock firmly and started to wank me off. I slid my hand down her body, pushing under the waistband of her knickers to feel the soft, downy hair and the already moist slit beneath. My fingers rubbed against her lips and clit, and she gasped a little.

I took my hands from her body, and changed position a little. Pulling her knicker to one side from behind, and pulled my cock from her hand, and ran it under the gusset of her panties. The tight fabric of the panties pulled my shaft into tight contact with her dripping cunt.

I started moving back and forth, her gasping and me grunting a little. In the room, her mum was pumping up and down hard on that fat cock. The squelching sounds and gasps turning me on even more than the feel of a hot pussy against my cock.

As I rocked back and forth, I could feel the pressure of the cotton knickers on my bell-end, and the hot, wet juices of an excited pussy on my shaft. I sped up a little, just as her mum let that fat cock plop out of her cunt, and readjusted, diving it into her willing arse hole.

I grabbed Kaye’s hips and started thrusting harder and harder. Her breathe came rapidly as my shaft stimulated tipobet her pussy and clit. Then I tensed. My cum burst out into the gusset of her knickers, as she, in turn, shook with orgasm. I felt the hot juice flood my wilting shaft.

Her mum had just sat down for a second, holding, and I could see the white ooze dribbling out of her arse hole and down to the chubby balls beneath.

I pulled back from Kaye, and she turned to face me. Her hand went to her knickers, coming back with a finger full of my cum. She licked her finger clean, then dropped to her knees, pulling my cock into her mouth and sucking hard. I felt my balls tense again, and I shot a load right into her mouth.

She stood, smiling, cum dribbling down her chin, the pushed me back toward the living room. She pushed me down on the sofa, then kneeled between my legs., wanking and sucking my cock til it was nice and hard again. Then she turned, pulled her knickers aside and impaled herself on my hard cock.

Her legs were together between mine, so her cunt felt even tighter as she bounced up and down on my cock. I lasted for ages (I’d just shot two loads) and the feeling was intense. I could feel her pussy muscles contracting on my cock as she stopped almost still, a strange little groan coming from her mouth.

I could hold out no longer, and pushed her off and forward so that she was on her hands and knees in front of, facing away. I gripped my cock, rubbing it hard, until a final few gobs of cum sprayed out onto her hot arse, staining the back of her knickers as I had earlier stained the front.

I flopped back onto the sofa. She got up, kissed me, and headed off to her room.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32