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Well Trained By Aunty
Well Trained By Aunty

By: Londebaaz Chohan

Sometimes the true facts are taken as bragging and those people, who for some reason or no reason, do not experience to be that lucky, that the other person happens to be; the experienced person’s experiences are considered made up stories. Now if anyone forms an opinion that the facts narrated in this story is an example of nothing but bragging, so be it and nobody can change the thinking of a loser mind and it will be forever and ever to come.

I remember, though vaguely that suddenly my father had walked out of the family and we two; my sister Sylvia Peters and I, Henry Peters were left with our mom. I remember; almost with same vagueness that my mother was a very social woman. She suddenly made sure that almost all of the 11—12 houses in the street knew, who she was. The neighbors and even some non-neighbors started to visit our home at odd times. The ladies would come and they would sit with my mom in the TV lounge mostly for long discussions. Men generally came at certain very odd times and whatever they had to talk about or discuss, it was always private and done behind the closed door of our bedroom. I was too young and only knew that we were having a very comfortable life. The lady, in the neighboring house towards the right; we called aunt Rebecca was kind of a very close friend of my mom and she always had to share something with my mom that they could not talk about in the open and aunt always insisted that she and mom should go behind the locked door. Oh! before I forget; aunt Reb was very young woman, married to uncle Emmanuel for the last 6 years. They had one daughter Zara, almost my age which aunt told my mom that she was adopted. I did not understand; what did ‘adopted’ mean and nor I ever asked anyone. Uncle Emmanuel was a very lonely person and always had a heated argument with aunt Rebecca. Once again, I had no clue or understood what it meant but uncle was always heard saying to aunty that she had a bad moral character. All I knew that aunty used to drink a lot; she loved something, she called Gin and tonic which looked just like water to me.

Sometimes they had this heated argument on daily basis and aunty would come to our house on daily basis and my mom and aunty would get in the bedroom, close and lock the door and stay in for long discussions. Whenever aunty came over; her daughter was with her but she would go back home much earlier; claiming that she had to be taking care of her father. Zara; which I already said was very close to my age and was growing up fast, developing all the curves and bumps at the proper spots and was looking beautiful to say the least. I was also growing up to be as horny a bastard as any youngster would come and always thought of fucking Zara. Honestly; I was a walking hard on, 16 hours a day and I am sure in 8 hours of my sleep time too. I did not discriminate and even felt like fucking boys in their asses if they appeared pretty to me and even the women of matured ages. I would not name names, who but if I could fuck them; surely I would do the honors.

Then a day came when I heard that aunt Reb threw uncle Emmanuel out of the home. I remember it was the month of March. It would rain almost every other day and uncle protested that where he could go to find a place to live in such bad weather but aunty even called police and uncle was made to evacuate. Soon, it was heard that Zara was gone to live with her adoptive father and now aunty Rebecca was like a member of our family spending more time here with my mom than in her own house and also getting very friendly with all those men, who came to meet and discuss special matters with my mom in the bedroom.

Years had passed by and I had not only grown but literally bloomed to be a young teen boy with a huge cock, big reservoir balls underneath and a really insatiable hunger for sex. I wanted to fuck and fuck and fuck some more and with all this need and desire perking in me, I had zero courage to ask or take some girls of my class güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri to the back seat of my car instead of the front seat. With 2 women always around me; my mom and aunty Reb; I was turning out to be an expert in jerking off. With my cock up and hard all the time, I had to jerk and drain my balls 3, may be even 4 or 5 times on certain days. Now the month of June was upon us, mom had got the swimming pool in the backyard all cleaned up and now she would sit all day with aunt Rebecca on the deck; both of them half naked and my cock could not decide whether to stay down or remain stand to, like an army colonel on duty. Aunt Rebecca was definitely much younger than my mom and so naturally, I fantasized lot more about her as compared to my mom, although when it came to fucking, I only had the experience of my cock with my hand but I did not discriminate and my mom also looked very much useable to me after removing her clothes and I mean it truly. I am sure, anybody, who had a raging sea of testosterone in his body like I had, would do the same, but I was a sissy bastard bitch with a cock of enormous length and strength and also the bull balls but had not used it for the proper and desired purpose. More my mom and aunt, sat half naked on the pool deck, more I confide myself in my room with locked doors and the larger pack of Brylcreem I had started to purchase. I was always running out of rags to wipe my thick slush off my body.

When my mom came back in the home, after spending all day at the pool; I spent a great deal of time attempting to be around her, knowing that she will take a bath or a shower soon and come out of the bathroom with nothing more than a tiny towel wrapped around her. Sometimes I would get lucky to peek in her room and she would be at the right spot, facing in the right direction; I shall see her putting on her panties. I shall see a glimpse of her juice box and hair around it and sometimes I shall see her big Bon Bons’. Every time I saw her ass or the bush and more; this will get my hard on even more stiffer and I shall run to my room and jerk off. Sometimes aunt Reb would stay at our house and she would also use mom’s bathroom for shower and she would also copy exactly as mom did. I shall be careful to observe that mom was in the kitchen busy preparing the dinner and I shall peek to be lucky to see aunt Rebecca as well in slightly compromised condition making it a real pain in my cock as I had to rub, jerk and rinse it twice in a shorter period of time. One day, as mom called me for dinner and I was almost close to the kitchen, where we had a little dinette table; I heard aunt speaking in a low tone to mom but I could hear it clearly, she was saying that she surely did not like giving birth to babies but she will not get married if she was not a sex addict. I cannot explain in words, how I felt hearing her this remark and not to speak of my cock which was already behaving as a rebellion. I know it could be called a c***dish psyche but from that day on, I was looking at aunt Reb in an entirely different way. Though she was older than I, in her 20’s; she had beautiful legs, leading up to a terrific ass of her.

Soon after, aunt thought that she had a lot of extra furniture in the house and my mom told me to help her to shift most of the furniture in a storage facility. I called one my friend and he came with his truck. After shifting her stuff into the storage, my friend left and aunt came with me in the car. As we reached home, I suddenly remembered; mom had told me that she had to go to see a friend in the hospital and aunt telling her that she will take a good care of me until she came back and she had nothing to worry about. While she asked me to stay in the living room and watch TV for a while, she announced that she felt like having a quick shower and be with me shortly. I was not very familiar with the lay out of her house and knew that it would not be safe to have a peek. I sat on the sofa, struggling to control my perabet whore smasher, until I heard her speak to me from her kitchen. Soon she was in the living room. O’ my God. Holy fucking!! She was dripping wet in her robe out of the bathroom and holding 2 glasses in her hands. She asked me to follow her to her bedroom, where she said she shall paint her nails as we take our drinks.

My lancer was already semi hard watching her boobs swing around a little in her robe and when she bent down to place the glasses on the table in the bedroom, it was not difficult to see right down her robe to have a full view of her tits and even the pussy hair down under. Then she signaled towards my glass, saying to take it. As I said earlier; I was a novice in most of the main things in life and thought the glass contained water and before my mind could register the bitter taste, I gulped the full tall glass of Gin and tonic in one go. I am sure, aunty could have stopped me but she did not and she only laughed in a special tone of a mischievous lady, calling me a cutie. Getting drunk by the moment, I wanted her so bad. We were talking but it was all a slur to me as if we were fallen in a well, not understanding a word. I still remember to excuse myself and came to sit on the floor near her legs, hoping that her legs would open and I could see up in her robe which she obliged almost immediately. She had taken the polish out as she gave me a full view of her cunt. She was all ready to do her toenails as she settled steadily on the bed. I watched intently as she pulled her legs up and apart, painting each nail. As she moved her arms to dry the nail polish, her boobs danced and jiggled around causing my intoxication to double. I could clearly see her nipples were long and puffy. I only wished that my head was not spinning and I would lean and suck on them in a jiffy.

After done with her nails, she stretched her legs and pulled up the robe to appreciate her prize work but with my vantage point on the floor, I could see her pussy lips very clearly as well. She then suddenly sighed and said, “You know, I used to have very nice legs”. I do not know where I got the courage from, when I told her that I used to watch her sitting on the pool deck and always believed; she had beautiful legs.

“You mean, you noticed my legs”. Aunt Rebecca said with astonishment, “and you still think they are beautiful”? I rapidly answered her in affirmative and also said that any man who gets to spend time with her should consider himself very lucky. At this, she gave me a big smile and next moment opened her robe for me. My first look went on her large swollen nipples, standing in the middle of a dark pink, goose bumped areola. She reached and pulled my shirt over my head and I unbuckled, unzipped my pants and pulled it off and got up on the bed. She just adjusted my legs and after bringing me in proper position; she sat on my erection making me slip into her quite easily. She was so wet that her juices began to drip alongside my cock shaft, onto my big and heavy balls. I grabbed her boobs in my hands feeling their weight and twisting the nipples in my fingers and thumb while aunty moved up and down on my cunt explorer. Her body was stretched, twisted and eyes were closed as she fucked herself and enjoying the heavenly feeling in her cunt. She began breathing hard and then slowed down and finally stopped to use my dicktator but not before giving me a couple of hard squeezes with her pussy muscles which made me feel like cumming right there.

Her voice was quivering when she suddenly started complaining that we should not be doing this, this was wrong for me to fuck her and amazingly she was completely pronged on my man pole at that moment. Her pussy was consuming my full length and balls were struggling to stay out. My head was going round and round like a merry go around under the awesome influence of Gin and tonic which I had consumed thinking it as a glass of water. As she was saying that it was wrong, I also began mumbling, perabet giriş “No. No, it’s not. I am not fucking you. It is a matter between our private parts and we should not be a party to it and stay out of it and clear”.

Aunty kind of agreed to my thinking but then again denied saying no; I was not in my senses and did not understand that for the first time, I should have been with some virgin to make it a special and memorable fucking and I once again had to cut her saying, “She was so special for me and this will always be a sweet memory that I will never like to share with anyone”. I have a hunch that she only wanted to hear from me that I will not tell to anyone about our fuck fest and suddenly cooled down”. I remember almost begging her not to stop now and she gave me a giggle, saying, “Ok. I shall teach you how to fuck a lady”.

She climbed off my cock and laid back on the bed with me, explaining how to kiss with the lips and tongue mouth involved and also nibbling on the neck and ears. She told me to keep repeating in the woman’s ears that she was beautiful and how badly, I wanted to fuck her; slowly going down to her tits and suck on them applying just the proper pressure and also tweaking the nipples. Finally, she let me go down to her pussy to lick and suck all around her love hole and the puffy lips of the wonder caverns there. She kept me busy licking, sucking her there, showing me how to massage the G spot inside her snatch with fingers. Aunty had a very powerful orgasm during all this. Then she said, “Let me give you a feel of a virgin around your ‘Flesh Missile’ and asked me to get into her pussy once again. Soon as I slipped in her pussy matching the size of a yawning hippo; I simply could not resist to groan and growl loud feeling her penis trap moving around it and massaging my length like a third hand with an amazing muscle tone of her cunt muscle wall. I was almost ready to explode, when she suddenly stopped and I thought it was the end and held my cock for the finale but she made me to let go it, saying, “I have a real virgin one for you”. She commanded me to lick her pussy some more and then move down to her ass hole.

I had heard of fucking in the ass of the boys but never a woman; but aunty was asking me to lick her ass. Not wanting to spoil the moment, I obeyed and swear that it was a unique experience of life. The taste was not much different than her pussy and the smell was really strong and addicting. Soon all my face was painted with her juices and she asked me if I was ready to fuck her Virgin ass hole? Was I ever?

I grabbed my dick by the balls and rubbed it well around her pussy to soak it well in her own juice. She warned me to be slow and gentle and I obeyed until she was with me establishing a faster rhythm. She was reaching amid her legs and fondling my balls asking me if she was tight and how much did I want her. I was consenting telling her that she was so tight that I am afraid about the security of my cock and concerned that it may get crushed inside the meat mincing machine of her but still I really wanted to have her. She was constantly changing her words and now she was asking me to tell her that I was taking her all the way and shall do it every chance we got in the privacy and safety of both.

I repeated, “I am fucking you hard aunty and I want more of you, every day and for ever and ever, fucking up your ass, like it was mine, now”. Eventually it was too much for both of us to endure. She was already using her fingers on her clitoris. “Fuck me, Fffffmmmeeee harder” she cried, as I started to cum inside her ass feeling like the firecrackers set on fire inside her sizzling ass hole. Her pussy was flexing and in turn, her ass muscles were squeezing, milking my Ass destroyer. Her bed sheet was all stained, I could see. After a while I pulled out of her ass and she rolled over and thanked me with a kiss admitting that it was the best fuck she had in a long time. I wanted to wash and clean up and went to the bathroom. As I came back, she repeated that it was the wonderful fucking, she had got but we could never talk about it, like it never happened. Of course we never talked about it but, let me assure you; it was not like, it never happened.

The End. Your comments are appreciated. Londebaaz Chohan May 2, 2019.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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